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The Lubbock Veteran's Memorial is a brick and sandstone structure of long curving walls and walks filled with bricks containing names and military service identification information for veterans of the Panhandle and South Plains region for all wars since World War I.  The names of many honored dead from the region are listed on polished black granite slabs mounted to the east wall of the memorial.  The memorial also contains a sitting/meditation area where visitors can sit and contemplate the names and events and perhaps remember events or people in their own lives who have served this country in it's times of need and crisis.  Many visitors come to the Memorial in the evening when the sun's rays wash the area in a red-gold light and add a rather mystical atmosphere to the area.  Each Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veteran's Day, ceremonies of recognition and appreciation are held at the Memorial.  Veterans and their families come from hundreds of miles away to attend these ceremonies.  Many local teachers take their classes to the Memorial in an effort to help them understand the sacrifices that their forebears made and the true meaning of their freedom.  Individuals and families can purchase bricks with names of loved ones who have served for inclusion in the various walls, walks, and plazas of the Memorial.