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The 4th on Broadway celebration every July 4 in Lubbock, TX is the larges free parade and street fair in the state.  The event begins with a parade from downtown Lubbock, down Broadway to the Texas Tech University campus.  The parade is filled with floats created by local businesses, schools, civic organizations, and military veteran groups.  A number of unique drill teams, such as the Synchronized Lawn Mower Shufflers, and the Coffee Can and Cook Pot band participate and bring howls of laughter from the thousands lining the street.  The Texas Tech University mascot, The Masked Rider, and the Saddle Tramps "Raider Red", are primary features in the parade.  The patriotism of the South Plains is in full evidence from all the flags in the parade and along the parade route.  After the parade, Broadway from the Tech campus to Ave. Q is blocked off for an all day celebration that includes numerous entertainment venues, from rock and roll, to country music, ballet to jazz dancing.  For those not faint of heart, there is a climbing wall to challenge endurance and nerves.  Water ping pong using fire hoses is popular on the hot day, especially with the kids.   A wid variety of food vendors can be found up and down Broadway.  A day of eating, music, and games is capped by an outdoor concert by the Lubbock Symphony and a gigantic fireworks display.